Privacy Policy

Here is our privacy policy explaining the confidentiality of any details you may submit to the site.

Wedding Hand strongly recommend that information submitted by yourself on to the site, regarding your personal identity and your whereabouts, is only shared with third parties known and trusted to yourself. Wedding Hand can take no responsibility for shared information which may lead to any unlawful activities.


To use the site we require your email and password. These are both kept confidential at all times. We may contact you via your submitted email, but only to let you know about any offers on the site, offering the chance to upgrade to our premium package or any changes to the ownership of Wedding Hand.

The emails you enter to the website from your guests addresses will not be used by Wedding Hand.

Any financial information submitted to the site will not be stored by Wedding Hand.

Each website is password protected so only your invited guests can view your personal website.

Wedding Hand would only disclose information if required to by law and to comply with any judicial proceedings, legal proceedings or court orders.

Some information (like date/time stamp, your operating system and type of browser, I.P.S and I.P address) is automatically stored onto our log files. This information is not directly linked to you and does not identify you. It may be used by us as a whole to recognise how we can improve the service of the site and collect demographic information to improve the service Wedding Hand provide.

Wedding Hand practices the accepted industry standards with regards to uploaded information. However you should always be aware no information submitted on to the internet is totally secure. Wedding Hand will do all they can to run a secure site although we can not 100% guarantee this even though we follow commercially acceptable practices.

Changes In Business Ownership

If Wedding Hand should be part of a business transition, such as being bought or merging with another company, the information identifying you may also be transferred as an asset. Wedding Hand will alert you to this via your submitted email.

If you no longer wish to display any information you have earlier submitted, you are free to delete or change any submitted information and can deactivate your site at any point.

The choice of information which you submit onto the site is entirely yours and Wedding Hand will not at any point display any of your submitted information to any third party.

Post Code Map

Wedding Hand use the post code you submit for the venue. The postcode is then displayed via Google Maps. The pin pointer is set to the middle of the postcode and is not necessarily 100% accurate to the address.

On site links

We recommend you read the terms and conditions and privacy policy for any of the sites we link to. Wedding Hand is not responsible for any of the information and polices on these linked sites.

Wedding Hand reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any point. These changes will be posted on the home page of our website.

Ownership and Copyright

All the content on Wedding Hand sites is exclusively owned by Wedding Hand.

Nothing in these Terms or any Site Content shall convey to you an ownership interest in any service marks, trademarks, trade names, trade dress, copyrights, patent rights and other proprietary rights on Wedding Hand or Wedding Hand's site content and code.

External Links

Any external links on the site MUST be approved by Wedding Hand after contacting Wedding Hand first and being granted permission by Wedding Hand to do this.

We recommend you review this policy frequently.