Big Decisions For The Groom

Here is a light-hearted blog from Wedding Hand on some of the aspects of wedding planning that may fall to the husband to be…..
Without trying to stereotype or make any sweeping judgments, it is pretty fair to say at, opposite sex weddings, that many a decisions and meticulous planning for the finer details often fall to the responsibility of the bride to be. Traditionally she would have the say over the flowers, colour schemes, wedding cake and all the minute detail that really makes the day unique.

So if you are groom reading this and feel like you nose has been pushed out of the planning process, there is an important job which you must adhere to….the beer sampler! Thats right….. if you are hiring an catering company in for your wedding you will have choose with great care which ale shall be drank on your wedding night. So make this responsibility your own, even better share the responsibility with friends, this may mean many long hours into the night carefully testing out samples of beer, to pass the time why not involve some friends, get the general consensus on what is the most appropriate for the day. The tasting process should not be taken lightly! Many careful decisions should be made….can it be drank with food?….. is it too heavy on the stomach that guests will be unable to dance at the night do?….Does it give you a hand over? The research must be throughly done, so drinking with friends after going out for a large meal would be recommended. A worth while experiment of drinking large amounts and then hitting the dance floor to check if it has any negative effects on your dance moves should also be tried. Tests like upping the pints at every sample session so that you can come up with your own ‘recommended allounces’ before the hangover will kick in the next day should also be conducted!

You and your friends can toil for nights sampling and why not have a test run at your stag party and see which goes down the best…its a hard life but somebody has to do it! Failing this why not check out this simple info graphic to help with your decisions…..