Just as bridal fashions change from year to year wedding flower trends also evolve. We have pulled together some predictions for wedding flower trends in 2018, so read on for this year’s hottest flower trends.

Loose bouquets

2018 sees brides-to-be opting for more elegant informal shaped bouquets. These arrangements are full of large soft country garden flowers including hydrangeas, peonies and roses. This sophisticated, timeless style was a must have in the 80s but has been updated for 2018 with the must-have trend of foliage.

Natural loose bouquets

Natural loose bouquets

Foliage and Greenery

Due to a growing trend of natural loose bouquets, foliage has been hugely popular recently and will continue to on trend in 2018.  Foliage covers a range of greenery but the most popular choices this year for weddings have been eucalyptus, privet and olive leaves which all add shades of green and texture your wedding day. The has been, without a doubt, been the most popular trend for wedding flowers this year and will continue to be for 2018 weddings.

Over-sized Bouquets

From oversized bags to oversized scarves and jumpers. The oversized trend has been popular in fashion for a while and has certainly made its way to bouquets. Large statement bouquets with a wider size are going to continue to be popular with brides this year.  Using greenery arranged loosely in a bouquet is perfect for a whimsical, rustic wedding, giving that ‘picked from the field’ look that is less structured and formal than traditional wedding bouquets.

Oversized bouquets

Oversized bouquets


Eucalyptus has long been an essential natural remedy. This year it is the essential greenery. With a scent of mint, honey and herbal notes eucalyptus oil has calming properties. Due to their muted silvery colour and prominent circular shape, the leaves add texture and volume bringing colours together in a loose bouquet. Using eucalyptus alongside large white peonies and ranunculus gives more texture and add interest to an otherwise soft and delicate bouquet.


Succulents are more than just the latest interior design trend desk accessory. This year they’ll be big on the wedding scene too. Whether sitting pretty in a bouquet or incorporated in buttonholes, these durable plants are a great way of adding interest to more traditional flower arrangements. There numerous ways to incorporate this trend into your wedding day including giving them away as wedding favours as a lasting memento of your special day.

Wearable flowers

Flower crowns have been a big hit with weddings over the past few years particularly for bridesmaids and flower girls. Brides of 2018 will go beyond wearing flowers in their hair but also in place of traditional wedding jewellery. Floral cuffs and necklaces are becoming a hot bridal accessory for 2018.

Hanging Flowers

Perhaps the most insta-worthy of the recent wedding trends, flower walls bring a contemporary dramatic vibe to wedding settings. These can be used as a backdrop for those all-important wedding selfies. These started to appear in some weddings of 2017, but for 2018 we expect to see a more impactful flower wall providing backdrops not just for photos, but for cake and gift tables too. Take note – artificial wedding flowers are very handy for this trend.

Like flower walls, statement entrances and arches are a way in which to create an impact and give a very floral first impression.  Trends include foliage garlands adorning door frames, hanging over archways and trailing up stairwells. Also continuing with the oversized trends, large flower and foliage garlands are increasingly used as table runners to bring the outside in.

Flower wall

Flower wall

Floral Cake Decorations

When decorating with flowers you have endless possibilities. Recently, using real of silk flowers to decorate wedding cakes has become a big trend.  Brides are opting for flower cake toppers and to decorate layered cakes to help add those elegant finishing touches.

Natural Confetti

Confetti that is made from natural flowers is a popular trend for that jubilant moment.  Gone are the days of paper confetti which no longer fit with the ecological vibe.  Popular choices include dried lavender and dried rose buds and delphinium petals.  These are now often used as table decorations and as well as flower girls to scatter down the aisle.