Your wedding day is about to begin, and there’s no better way to make your outfit look its very best than to wear the perfect set of bridal earrings. Whether you want to wear sparkling clusters, scintillating hoops, or anything in between, wedding earrings can complete any outfit. After all, your walk down the aisle is the main event! But what style should you choose? Read on for tips and advice to find the perfect pair.


Different face shapes lend themselves to different kinds of earring styles. For example, a woman with an oval face should avoid wearing too long drop earrings and opt for clustered pieces instead. Her face shape is also quite similar to that of an oval, so she may want to wear statement earrings with multiple gems or geometric shapes instead. A girl with an oval face, on the other hand, should avoid too wide or narrow dangles.

Depending on her dress, she can opt for more or less opulent bridal earrings. While a bride may want to look opulent, she does not necessarily want to go overboard. Classic stones in stud or single-tier drop styles will make a bride look stunning. Chandeliers can be very glamorous and add a touch of old-world glamour to her look. Oversized floral studs are especially beautiful for a spring wedding.

Another style of bridal earring that can fit a bride’s personality and hairstyle is a pair of Japanese cherry blossom earrings. They feature a white flower in the centre and a circle of pink and purple stones in the lower part. Typically made of sterling silver or rose gold tone, these earrings can also be customized with a gemstone of your choice. You can choose any of these three precious metals to match your dress.

Wedding Earrings

One-shoulder wedding dresses are stunning, but can also make you look bulky and unflattering. To avoid this, choose elegant and feminine stud earrings. You can opt for a pair of diamond earrings. You can even wear bigger ones if you want. But bear in mind that a down-do can hide larger earrings. Therefore, choose earrings with visibility in mind. Longer earrings will sparkle through the hair.

The style of the wedding earrings you choose should match your face shape and design. A petite lady may look best with smaller chandeliers and dangle styles. On the other hand, a plus-size lady might look better with statement chandeliers and large dangles. A couple with a round face may want to consider a pair with long, delicate lines. While, a woman with an oval face can wear any style she likes.


Whether your face is round or square, there are a variety of shapes of wedding earrings to fit your face shape. A square face, for example, should go with a long teardrop, a small chandelier, or a side jhoomar. For a round face, an angular chandelier or a pair of small stud earrings will be perfect. An oval face looks great with just about any earring style, from large studs to a touch of glam.

An oval face can wear any shape, though it is best to choose an earring with a maximum width at the cheekbones. A round face, on the other hand, requires length to elongate it, so a drop or inverted triangle is the best style. A heart-shaped face needs a wider bottom to balance a chin-shaped forehead, so a teardrop or button is a great choice.

Round or Oval?

For an elongated face, consider an oval or rounded shape. Round shapes elongate a face, and long dangling earrings are distracting. If your face is angular, try wearing earrings with a horizontal neckline, or a pear shape set into a rectangle of pave diamonds. An oblong face looks gorgeous with asymmetrical earrings, but it should not interfere with other accessories.

Another thing to consider when choosing earrings is the hairstyle. Long or loose hairstyles can make the shape of the earring less noticeable. If you’re wearing a lobe-shaped earring, for example, you can combine the two styles for an elegant effect. If your hairstyle is more discreet, a simple stud will work well. Alternatively, you can try a simple drop or semi-picked earring.

When selecting wedding earrings, keep in mind that the neckline of your dress, face shape, and size of your face will all play an important role. If you wear the wrong jewelry, it will simply stand out and detract from the dramatic detail of your dress. Instead, you should select a pair of earrings that will highlight your face and make it look more beautiful. When selecting jewelry, keep in mind that you’ll be editing it as you shop.


A couple of choices exist when it comes to closures for wedding earrings. One of the most common is the leverback closure. A lever sits on the end of a hook and closes when the earring is threaded through the lobe. While it’s fast and easy to use, it has one drawback. The earring may be easily lost or misplaced. Because of its simple design, leverbacks are not as common in e-shops.

Another type of closure is the screw back. This style has two pieces, one of which slides through the ear and the other piece closes to hold it in place. Lever backs are the safest, as they’re very secure and prevent the earrings from coming out accidentally. They’re also great for light-weight styles, as the screw back is less likely to fall out. And don’t forget to choose the right type of closure for your earring style and hair style.


Another type of earring closure is the hoop. This type of earring is typically found on minimal hoops. The hoops themselves are comprised of continuous pieces of wire. These wires slide through the ear and close with a loop on the backside. While this type of closure is not particularly elegant, it’s very lightweight and can be worn comfortably by any woman. A few different styles of hoop earrings are also available, as well as more modern versions of these classic designs.

A saddleback earring has a hinged post or curved post at the back. This type of closure is often used in wedding earrings. Its metal latch is designed to fit into a hole in the ear, securing the earring seamlessly and comfortably. The latch back is often thicker than a normal ear piercing and snaps into the post. A hinged o-shaped lever closure fits perfectly into a hole on the back of the earring.


Whether you are buying a pair of wedding earrings for yourself or your future wife, you should know that this kind of jewelry is not only for the big day, but it is also an investment that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Wedding jewelry sets the bride and her mother apart and reminds them of their big day for years to come. The following are some ideas to consider when selecting wedding earrings. Keep reading to find out how to make the most of your wedding ring budget.

If you’re looking for affordable wedding jewelry, Kate Spade makes excellent options. Her jewelry is well-crafted and can easily be worn on the big day. Although Kate Spade is known for its colorful stones, you can also find some neutral options that will blend in with your regular wardrobe. The price of wedding earrings can vary a lot, so be sure to shop around before you purchase. Of course, the quality of these pieces will determine how much you’ll have to spend.


If your budget doesn’t allow for expensive wedding earrings, you can borrow them from a family member. Wearing wedding jewelry from your parents and relatives is a wonderful way to honor your heritage. Brides can also borrow or purchase special wedding earrings from a jewelry store or online. But if you want a set of matching earrings for your big day, you can look for a set of earrings that match your engagement ring.

When choosing your bridal earring set, make sure it complements your entire ensemble. Wedding earrings should not be the focus of the look, but they should complement the dress. The right pair of wedding earrings will make you feel like a million bucks. And remember that you can always buy more than one pair, just like you’d buy a pair for yourself. If you don’t want to go overboard, you can always opt for a simple pair of earrings to wear on the big day.