If you are planning to make table numbers for your wedding, you’ll want to consider several things before choosing the final design. Consider colour palettes, shapes, and etiquette. And if you want to add something unique, try incorporating a photo of the couple onto your table numbers. Alternatively, you can place their photo on a stand or frame. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you pick table numbers that are personalized and appropriate for your wedding.

Customize your table numbers

Whether you are planning a rustic or modern wedding, customize your table numbers by adding photos of the happy couple and their wedding date. You can frame the images or simply place them in stands. A creative couple may choose to handwrite the table numbers on chalkboard. You can find several options for these wedding accessories at The Knot Shop. This can add a personal touch to the tables and make them unique. Listed below are some ideas to customize your table numbers.

Alternatively, you can choose to make your table numbers out of paper. This is a great way to make them unique, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd. There are several different materials to choose from, including paper and acrylic. You can choose a style that suits your wedding theme and style and then pick the colour that best fits the theme. You can even choose to buy the table number without a stand, if you prefer that look.

Wedding Table Numbers

The look of your table numbers should match the rest of your wedding decor. Choose muted color palettes and leave plenty of white space, which will allow guests to read them. You can even make use of Edison bulbs for a romantic setting. Wood blocks with calligraphy writing can also be used as table numbers. Wine bottles can also be hand-painted for a unique look. Burlap can also be used for table numbers, and unused books are a great way to incorporate the wedding theme.

A combination of wood and acrylic are two other choices for table numbering. These table numbers are battery operated and available in 15 different colors. If you are handy with DIY, you can paint these numbers yourself. Or you can order a set of Travertine ivory stone table numbers. These are made to order and include an acrylic stand for display. They are beautiful and stand out from the table. So, you can create an elegant, regal setting that is unique to you.

Color palettes

When it comes to color, there are several options when it comes to wedding table numbers. You can choose between the traditional white and ivory color scheme, or you can opt for something more exciting, like a pale peach and mint green scheme. These colors are elegant and will blend perfectly with your spring or summer wedding. Other popular color palettes include blush and sage green, which are also timeless and perfect for a traditional, early spring wedding.

These colors are delicate and sophisticated. A subtle pink or pinkish blue will look elegant and complement your wedding theme. A warm color palette with gold accents will add a touch of luxury to your event. If you want to make things more fun, you can mix and match your favorite shades to make a bold statement. If you don’t want to use pink and purple, you can use a combination of pink and orange. These two shades will balance each other out and create a spirited environment.

More Options

Besides traditional white and gold wedding table numbers, you can also use metallic table numbers. They look elegant and sophisticated and can be used as home decor, too. For a more rustic touch, you can use chicken wire. Alternatively, you can display your table numbers on book pages. If you are having a literary-themed wedding, you can opt for wedding table numbers written on pages. Watercolor table numbers are on-trend and are both whimsical and classic. Clipboards are another great option for table numbers. If you are a wine drinker, you can use your wine growler as a table number vessel. Choose light-coloured table numbers to pop on any bottle.

You can choose a color palette for your wedding day that works year-round. Red and green are complementary colors and can go well with each other. These colors are also a good choice for weddings held on the holiday season. The warm tones of red and green can create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. You can even choose a color palette that includes soft pink and orange for a playful feel.


If you want to save money, DIY your wedding table numbers. Boho shapes are sweeping the wedding world, and for good reason. They are inexpensive and accessible, and can be made out of anything, including glass vases and vinyl. Here are some ideas for your wedding table numbers. Using a wooden stump as a base, these table numbers are very stylish. They are also easy to read and are perfect for weddings with minimal centerpieces.

For a personal touch, consider using photos of the couple. Place the images in frames, or use wooden ones with a rustic finish. Or, try a table number made out of sea glass, and let your guests think they’re on a beach! The options are endless! You can even customize your table numbers with stickers and a personalized frame! If you don’t want to buy anything fancy, you can always make them yourself out of scrap materials and reuse them!

Overall Design

While you’re making your wedding table number decorations, think about the overall design of your wedding. A simple and traditional rectangle may look good on the side of a wedding table, but a more unique design might look better on a circular one. A more unique shape can also make the table number stand out from the crowd. If you’re having a theme-oriented wedding, you can opt for a wedding-specific table number design.

For a vintage-inspired theme, consider adding corks to wine bottles. Corks make for cute vessels for wedding table numbers, and growlers can be used as a unique centerpiece. Light colored table numbers will pop on a glass bottle. This way, your table numbers can be easily seen by guests. And if you’re having a wine-themed wedding, consider using corks instead of traditional card stock.


The Etiquette of wedding table numbers is based on the number of people in the wedding party. The more people you invite, the less likely you will get a table next to yours. If your guests are seated with strangers, they may feel left out. Instead, invite them to sit at one of the other tables and “host” it for them. When arranging the seating chart, be sure to indicate which guests will be sitting at the top table. You can also make one table a “sweetheart table,” so the two of you can skip all those problems and sit next to each other.

Guests should be seated at the closest tables to the couple. Guests should be placed according to importance, from closest friends to closest family members. Then, assign individual seats to people with whom you have been correspondingly close. Remember that families, married couples, and individuals will occupy the most space at a table. However, you can make sure that everyone knows where they are seated, and that they should have some space to move around.


When seating guests, make sure to indicate who will sit at the head and sweetheart tables. A sweetheart table is a table reserved exclusively for the bride and groom, or a table reserved for close friends and family. Afterwards, assign table numbers to everyone in the bridal party. Begin with the closest tables, then fan out around the room. Make the table numbering logical. This way, everyone will know exactly where their seats are and how to get to them easily.

The etiquette of wedding table numbers is not complicated. You can choose how many seats you want at each table, as long as you have enough space. Tables aren’t meant to be intimidating, so make them easy to read. Just remember that you are not obligated to stick with a tradition. Whether your wedding table numbers are traditional or casual, it all depends on your personal taste. You can even change the seating chart if you want to.


Wedding table numbers can help identify the seating arrangements for guests at your reception. They will sit on the tables at the reception and are often used with a seating chart sign that lists both the table numbers and names of guests seated at each table. Escort cards will also be placed near the front of the reception space with the names and table numbers of guests sitting at each table. It is important to keep track of the location of each table so you can be certain that everyone gets their seat.

Table numbers can be a fun addition to your wedding. Depending on your theme, you can match your numbers to the colours of your wedding. In addition to that, table number holders are an excellent way to personalize your reception and enhance the table centrepieces. When used properly, wedding table numbers can cost anywhere from ten to fifty dollars. A high-quality number will serve its purpose well, and they won’t take up precious table space.

Personal Ideas

In addition to the traditional table number, you can also choose a more personalized option that will reflect your unique style and wedding colours. Vintage postcard table numbers can be a beautiful aesthetic choice and are displayed in antique frames. There are also various symbols available to designate your tables. If you want to save money, you can make your own table number projects. They will direct your guests to specific seats and will be a great conversation piece. You can also choose your favourite flower as the table number.

The most traditional table number is written on white card stock and framed. This option goes with any bridal theme. Wood table numbers are another option. If you are choosing a rustic wedding theme, you can turn cut wood into table numbers using white chalk or paint pen. You can also personalize them with your names or the date of your wedding. Using photos of your engagement is another great option for table numbers. The only downside is the cost.