Wedding Hand brings you 5 must see wedding cake fails,  hope you have a strong stomach…..

Everyone knows a good imagination is needed in the creative world of cake making, however this should not be confused with having a sick and troubled mind.


All we can think is that maybe the cake-maker also was part-time gynaecologist?


Rather than ring the happy-couple-to-be up and ask for the brides name, this baker just decided to write the word ‘Bride’ and then added some brackets around the word-  just to highlight her insignificance.


Nothing like a personal touch!

This hound shows its animal instinct by not giving a shit about any of the other guests and getting stuck into the cake!


Your going to need a king sized poop a scoop in the morning you know.

I think this talented baker got confused with the recipe for ‘sponge cake’ and ‘jelly’


Oh dear….and all the time it must have taken to make all them little green leafy things.

No guesses for who will  be wearing the trousers in this marriage….


Looking forward to consummating the marriage then?



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