Stag weekends abroad have become increasingly popular, thanks to budget flights and cheap beer.

We have done some research into the most popular destinations in Europe, and have put together the following infographic to help you plan your very own stag weekend abroad.

The top five budget cities in Europe were Bratislava, Sofia, Vilnius, Krakow, and Prague; with Bratislavia coming out on top in terms of value for money.


1. Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia and has continued to grow in popularity as a holiday destination over the last decade. Slovakia is about as central Europe as you can get, bordering Hungary, Austria, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Poland. The city of Bratislava itself is to the West of Slovakia, and shares a border with Hungary and Austria. It is even possible to see into these two countries on a clear day from the top of the magnificent castle. The river Danube runs through the city – one of the most famous, and most beautiful, rivers in Europe.

What the modern stag party want to know however, is what the nightlife is like, and it turns out there is a thriving scene to benefit from. Pints are available for around £0.74, which means that your budget will stretch a long way. There are numerous bars, pubs, nightclubs, lap dancing bars, cocktail bars and restaurants, so you won’t find it difficult to put together the perfect stag weekend.

What’s more, flights and accommodation in Bratislava are also among the least expensive you will find in any capital city in Europe, and can be as low as £141 for the entire weekend.

2. Sofia, Bulgaria

As it is one of the poorest countries in the EU, Bulgaria offers great value for money for those travelling from the UK. The country is located to the very East of Europe, and borders Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey and Greece. Sofia is the capital city and is located to the West of the country, towards Serbia, and flights from the UK take around 3 hours. The flights and accommodation for the weekend will set you back around a mere £158.

A thriving nightlife scene is one of the main attractions for stag parties travelling to this cultural city. There are few licensing laws, so you can be sure to find a bar open at any time of night, which is perfect for stag parties who want to continue partying non-stop throughout the weekend.  Whether you want to see live music, go for a meal, go clubbing, or just drink beer, there is something for everyone in Sofia. With pints at just £1.51 per pint, this is another incredibly budget friendly city. As the bar staff are not paid well, providing them with a decent tip will get you a significant amount of appreciation.

3. Vilnius, Lithuania

Head up to the north-east of Europe to visit the capital city of Lithuania. It is one of the largest cities in the Baltic states, and this medieval town is now a thriving cosmopolitan city. There are plenty of historic buildings, squares, museums and galleries to visit, if your stag do is composed of people who want to experience something of the culture in the city.

The nightlife is also fantastic for stag parties, with a recent trend in beer brewing, and new micro-breweries popping up all over the place. There are plenty of rowdy bars and clubs to choose from, and with beer costing around just £1.34 per pint, it is also a very cheap place to drink compared to the UK.

4. Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a stunning city to look at, with market squares, a historic old town, and a diverse range of architecture. You can fly to and stay there for around £208 per person, which is still not bad; and flights are around two and a half hours. To experience much of the nightlife in Krakow, you will be expected to be smartly dressed, so make sure you pack some sensible shoes. Head to Stara Zajezdnia for some traditional Polish dishes, a grand beer hall, fine whiskies and home brewed beer. You will pay the most money for your pint of beer in this city from our top five, but at £1.53 per pint, who’s complaining?

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has become a favourite European destination for stag parties, mainly due to the cheap beer and lively atmosphere. Flights from London are less than two hours, and although the flights and accommodation package is likely to be the most expensive of our top five, we consider £215 to still be a brilliant price for a weekend abroad. If your stag party want to indulge in a bit of culture, then the historic castle, ancient Charles bridge, cutting edge galleries, museums, and the main square are all places that tourists flock to when visiting this cosmopolitan city.

There are also plenty of chic restaurants and cafes to visit, as well as a wealth of bars, clubs and other nightlife attractions. Check out the old town to experience seedy bars; and there are English and Irish style pubs all over the place doing a roaring trade with stag and hen parties. There are also many fantastic micro-breweries to visit, great pub beer gardens, sports bars and even jazz clubs, should that take your fancy.


So, in summary, we have put together the following infographic to give you an insight into the amount of money your stag party will need to attend the weekend away in your chosen city, and what clothes you will all need to pack!

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Top 5 European Stag Destinations Infographic