If you have already chosen the destination for your next stag party, the next thing to do is choosing the right kind of activities. While daytime activities may be a little exhilarating, they are usually categorised under “innocent” when compared with nighttime activities.

However, if you and the lads are sick of the old bar crawl routine, and want to let the gambler inside you lose, we’ve got a list of unusual betting activities that are sure to give the boys something to talk about.

Sure, a round of old classic roulette is great fun, but nothing different if you’re a regular at your city’s local casino. In order to make your stag party a memorable one, try these gambling activities with a twist:

Strip Poker

Strip poker is truly a game that came into existence for stag parties. It presents the lads with the perfect fusion of hot women, endless liquor, and numerous rounds of poker! What more could a card-loving stag want?

The best part is, this activity has very little time or location related boundations. You can host it during the day or during the night, at your hotel room, at a private booth in a nightclub, or even on a boat! The only thing you need to make sure is that the girls get the most terrible cards dealt to them, all the time!

Casino Tour

Sure, spending your night throwing a wad of cash at a poker table may sound like a plan to some, but we have got something better for your stag group. Why settle for one table, when you and the lads can go on a city-wide casino tour?

With each venue hosting all kinds of your favourites, a casino tour is great for stag parties. Not only does such a tour ensure you’re not losing all your money at one table, it presents the group with more chances of mingling with strangers. So get ready and take out those sharp suits along with those shiny shoes, and get ready to impress the ladies, the high-roller way!

Horse Racing

A day at the races is probably the next best thing after a casino tour. Beer on tap, the smell of fresh grass in the air, powerful beasts ready to race their hearts out, and plenty of nail-biting excitement, horse racing has everything needed for an epic stag party afternoon.

Once you and the boys have gone through the form guide, chosen your favourites and placed your bets, it is time to enjoy a round of beers along with some mouth-watering food, while the horses race their lungs out.

A Night at the Dogs

A night at the dogs is a classic favourite of stag groups, especially after a night of crazy partying and heavy drinking. If you and boys have had enough of the clubbing scene, and are looking for something a bit different on the second night of your stag party, a night at the dogs has everything you need to make it epic.

From a charged atmosphere buzzing with competition, to beer on tap and scrumptious food, a night at the dogs is arguably the perfect Saturday night activity. The best part is, the whole thing finishes quite early in the night, giving you and the lads plenty of time to hit the clubs once again!


While betting and gambling is a lot of fun, one should be extra careful while playing bets, especially if they are part of a stag party. Remember, the objective of a stag party is to show the groom-to-be a great time. However, the same would become difficult if you lose your rent on the Blackjack table. Gamble responsibly, gentlemen!