You have got off to a great start! You have decided to be original and make your own wedding website with weddinghand.co.uk

Now is the chance to look at other ways of having originality throughout your wedding day. We hope the 20 tips below are helpful for you and your wedding day!

Take a piece lace from your mothers wedding dress and turn it into a necklace to wear on your wedding day- Great for the ‘Some thing Old’ lucky charm to wear. To not leave your Father out, something blue, a love heart cut out of one of your dads old shirts and stitched into your dress.

If your father passed away, attach a photo of him to your bouquet so he can still be with you, as you walk down the aisle.

A touching idea by your table plan, is to have photos from your parents and even your Grandparents weddings.

Make sure the photographer is on hand to capture your Fathers face when he first sees you in your dress.
Another great photo opportunity is to get your photographer to take a picture of your Mother, Grandmother and your hands together, for a ring photo.

Ring ideas; engrave your first dance song on the inside of your wedding rings.

Create an aisle runner with periodic times of landmark periods of your relationship so far. This can be a fun thing to do. Starting from the first date, to holidays, meeting the parents right down to ‘Today… Got Married!’

Quirky table plan ideas… Bars or places you first dated Names of favorite holiday locations you have visited Favorite songs or books

Don’t be afraid to break the rules. If you are a confident public speaker and would like to thank your guests then why not have ‘brides speech’.

In doing so you can publicly thank your Mother and bridesmaids and also toast the woman who has had most impact on your life and hand them your bouquet as a gift.

Ask guests to guess your honeymoon location on a ‘pin the tale on the donkey’ style world map. Announce the winner with a prize during the speeches.

Wedding favor ideas…

Homemade jams Seeds, for guests to plant Coffee beans A vintage hang-over kit

Guest book ideas:

Ask guests to sign your favorite football or sports teams’ shirt. For musically minded couples, why not allow guests to sign a guitar, drum skin or even old vinyl record. These will work great as ornamental souvenirs after the date.
After the wedding ideas

Hand print photo in the sand at your honeymoon with your wedding rings on. Bring back some sand from the honeymoon and have it turned into jewelry.

For alternative food ideas consider hiring a local food truck for your guests. Such as an ice-cream van, perfect for a summer wedding afternoon snack. Or fish and chips or burger bar instead of an evening buffet.

For an informal atmosphere during your ceremony, why not ask one of the groom’s men to hold up ‘cue cards’ such as Laugh Now or Cry Now and Applause Now.

Think of an alternative wedding gift card box. Such as a vintage post box, a birdcage or an old vintage suitcase.

Include pets on your day, dress your dog up in a top hat, even if just for the photos!

Ask your pageboy to walk down the aisle in front of you with a ‘Here Comes The Bride’ sign.

There is no age limit to flower girls. Think outside the box and ask your Grandma to do the duty!

Ask live musicians to play during your ceremony and walk down the aisle to a song which means most to you both