When choosing men’s wedding shoes for a black-tie event, a classic pair of Derbys is the way to go. If your event is less formal, you might consider a pair of Monk-straps. This bold alternative to the classic laced shoe is a great way to show off your personality. If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional laced shoe, here are some stylish options for your groom.

Men's Wedding Shoes

Black-tie weddings are back in style

If you’re planning a black-tie affair, you’ll want to consider men’s wedding shoes. After all, black-tie weddings tend to be fancier affairs, so you’ll want your guests to dress up, too. But how do you choose the perfect pair of mens wedding shoes? Here are some tips to make your big day as perfect as possible.

If you’re a man who likes to make a fashion statement, try wearing a classic black pump. A pointed-front stiletto adds spring to the look. Ankle-strap heels are a great choice as well. Platform, block, wedges, or kitten heels are also suitable, as long as they provide good balance. Choose a classic black pair if you’re wearing a blue-and-white patterned LBD.

Designer sneakers have been making a comeback on the red carpet and at black-tie events. While this may be a risky look for men, a successful pair marks you as a sartorial rebel. Choose a pair of slip-ons in a classic color like black and avoid gimmicks. You don’t want to look like James Bond and try on holiday socks.

Loafers are a classic option

In recent years, loafers have become more popular as mens wedding shoes. They are ideal for a summer wedding because they are easy to slip on and off, and they complement a linen suit perfectly. The most formal types of loafers are penny loafers and tassel loafers, although horsebit loafers are also acceptable if the wedding is taking place on the beach.

A pair of patent leather loafers will add a touch of class to a formal ensemble. However, patent leather loafers should be in timeless colours. The leather is also an option, as it adds a textured look to the outfit. Finally, if you’re going for a more traditional style of loafer, you can add a touch of elegance by opting for velvet.

Loafers are an excellent choice for a wedding because they’re versatile and add color to the groom’s wardrobe. They aren’t necessarily made of leather, but they’ll match a variety of materials, and the material will keep your feet cool in hot weather. Most men will also wear loafers without socks, making them a great choice for the upcoming wedding.

Derbys are the most formal

Although not quite as formal as oxfords, Derbys are a versatile choice for any occasion. Their open-laced construction means they will go with any suit or tux. Because they are less formal, they can be worn with jeans or tweed trousers, too. These men’s wedding shoes are typically made of leather, but they can also be made from fabric or suede.

While many men will choose the formal types, Derbys are the most traditional. A pair of Derbys can easily be found online. Unlike other formal types, Derbys feature a more traditional look, with an open vamp and quarters sewn to the top. If you’re looking for a less formal pair of men’s wedding shoes, check out Derbys. You’ll look handsome in a pair of Derbys.

While the traditional laced shoe is an ideal choice, a newer style of Derbys has a modern and bold buckle. Monk Straps are a good choice for a wedding, as they’re versatile and can work with a variety of formal looks. Monk strap shoes are becoming increasingly popular among men’s wedding shoes. They’re also a funky alternative to the traditional Derby and Oxford. While choosing your men’s wedding shoes, make sure they match your overall look, and choose a pair that fits well and looks great.

Monk-straps are a bold alternative to the classic laced shoe

These unique shoes are a bold alternative to traditional laced dress shoes. Originally made for hunting expeditions, the monk strap soon became the norm when it came to wearing dress shoes for dinner and the town. Derby boots have an open lacing system and are similar to Oxford shoes, but they are made to fit wider feet. The monk strap exudes charm and are the perfect choice for wedding shoes.

Unlike other types of wedding shoes, men’s monk-strap shoes are not only comfortable, but also look fantastic. Grenson has been the go-to brand for the modern gentleman for over 50 years, and they offer a variety of timeless styles. But ASOS have snagged the retail market with their own monk-strap styles.

These men’s monk-strap wedding shoes can be found in a variety of colorways. The most common color is brown, but black monk-straps are not as widely available. If you’re having a semi-formal wedding, choose burgundy or oxblood. These colors pair well with blue suits and dark denim. You can also find monk-strap shoes in suede or leather, although leather ones will look better with wear and tear.

Patent leather is a timeless choice

If you are looking for a timeless style, patent leather shoes are a perfect option. The leather used to create patent leather shoes is high-quality and will remain fashionable in the future. Patent leather wedding shoes are often handmade, so a high-quality pair will be more expensive than a less-quality one. Patent leather shoes are the best choice for a formal tuxedo, as the shine and gloss of patent leather makes them look shiny and luxurious.

Another classic option for mens wedding shoes is a pair of loafers. Loafers are comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time. They are also suitable for weddings held outdoors, especially those on the beach. While loafers can be considered a traditional choice for a formal wedding, they are not suitable for every occasion. In addition, they will not match every style. Nonetheless, they are a timeless option.

Oxfords are an excellent choice for a wedding if you’re looking for a timeless style. They have a low heel and close lacing, which makes them suitable for boardrooms. They are often referred to as Balmorals, and look particularly sophisticated when worn with a classic black suit. Moreover, patent leather is a classic choice for men;s wedding shoes.

Dress boots are a great option for fall and winter weddings

A pair of wedding boots is a timeless investment piece that you can wear all year round. This alternative to pumps is perfect for fall and winter weddings because they offer protection from the elements while elevating your look. These footwear items have become more versatile over the years, with different colors and materials available. You can wear knee-high boots on the ceremony day or short and slender ones on the reception day. If you want to keep your look on trend, you can opt for ankle booties.

If the weather is cold and wet, consider wearing dress boots with a long skirt or short dress. The length of the boots should be just above the ankle, ideally an ankle-length one. You can also choose ankle-high boots over a pair of low-heeled shoes to keep your feet warm. In addition, wearing dress boots can make a long dress or wide-leg trousers look sophisticated.

When planning your wedding, consider the time of year. Fall and winter weddings can be held anywhere. Whether your wedding is outdoors or indoors, dress boots will make you look elegant and cosy. In addition, dress boots will keep you warm without making you feel too hot! A pair of dress boots is a great option for a fall or winter wedding. You can add a personal touch to the shoes by choosing a pair that is made specifically for your wedding.

Tod’s offers a 100% money-back guarantee

Tod’s is known for their high-quality Italian craftsmanship, style, and comfort. They handcraft each pair by hand, monitoring each component to ensure its perfect color and shade. It can take several years to create a perfect shade. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can simply return it. You can even request a refund within 14 days of the purchase.

Tod’s shoes are famous for the grained leather, suede, and pebbled rubber soles that have become iconic in the fashion world. This brand offers a wide variety of classic, timeless men’s wedding shoes for any occasion. A pair of Tod’s wedding shoes will complement your big day in style. Tod’s also offers a guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.