There are several things to consider when purchasing a 3 piece suit for a wedding. You should be aware of the different types of fabrics, colours, and styles, but price is of paramount importance as well. You should also know how to properly coordinate your suit colours with other aspects of your outfit to ensure that you look your best. Listed below are some tips to help you choose the right wedding suit for your budget and taste. Read on to learn more!

3 piece wedding suite


The colours of your 3 piece suit for wedding should match your bridal dress perfectly. Depending on your event, you can opt for ivory or cream suits, or go for a darker shade with leather shoes. Whether you choose a dark blue or light grey suit, it should be matched with a dark tie and shoes. Besides the colours, you can also use accessories to complete your look. Listed below are some ideas that can help you choose the perfect wedding suit for your big day.


A classic wedding suit in blue is always a smart choice, and there are many shades of blue to choose from. This timeless colour comes in various shades, including midnight blue and solid blue. You can also select a wool blend in a darker shade, such as cobalt blue. Alternatively, you can opt for lighter colors like yellow or green. You can also choose a blazer or sport coat if the event is more casual.


Navy is a versatile and sophisticated color. It looks smart on almost every skin tone. Choose a suit in a plain design for a formal event, or opt for a more creative design for a more relaxed setting. A navy three-piece suit can be worn with a white shirt and burgundy tie, and polished monk strap shoes. And if you want to keep your wedding attire elegant and sophisticated, a navy one is the perfect choice.

While it is possible to mix and match colors of three-piece suits, you should exercise caution when mixing and matching colors. Always keep in mind that mismatching colors does not look formal. You may want to avoid white and choose one of navy blue or charcoal suits if you are buying a 3 piece suit for the first time. However, if you are brave enough, you can always choose a few colors to experiment with.

If your wedding is in the evening, choose a three-piece suit in a classic color. Black and navy are traditional colors, but if you want a more relaxed look, you can opt for a gray or navy blue three-piece suit. To complete the look, pair it with a black waistcoat. It should complement your wedding gown and make you the star of the evening. You’ll look sharp, elegant, and stylish.


If you want to look elegant on your wedding day, a 3 piece suit is the way to go. Choose a fabric that is breathable and lightweight, so you don’t feel constricted while moving around. For daytime weddings, choose a fabric that will stay cool, but still look formal. Add a tie to finish off the look. A waistcoat also adds a more classic touch to the look.

Another popular fabric option is linen. This lightweight fabric is made from flax plant fibers. Linen is breathable, which makes it ideal for outdoor weddings. While linen will wrinkle easily, it is also the perfect choice for a beach wedding or casual event. Linen suits also come in a variety of vibrant colours. You can choose between a white or black linen suit to match the style of your wedding. Ultimately, your decision will depend on the fabric that suits your wedding day and your budget.


A contemporary 3 piece suit is best for an urban groom and a beach wedding. Light blue and gray variations are appropriate, as they are less formal. Wool and silk are ideal for a contemporary wedding, but you can also opt for a cotton and linen mix for a more relaxed image. Choose a three-buttoned variety with double vents. The best way to go about choosing the right fabric is to look at the rest of your wedding party.

If you want to look elegant and stylish, you need to choose a fabric that is comfortable to wear. You can find plenty of options on the internet, but it is always best to check out different options before making a final decision. While some suits are more expensive than others, they may be worth the extra cost. Ultimately, the best way to choose a suit is to pick a fabric that fits you comfortably and will fit the event well.

A classic three piece suit is made from wool, but cotton is a great option for a wedding. Wool and cashmere are two of the most expensive fabrics, but cotton is very popular, as it is breathable and inexpensive. The main drawback to cotton is that it tends to fold up and look unflattering. On the other hand, cotton is also not suited for the winter as it absorbs water without insulating.


There are many styles of three piece suit for weddings, but not all of them are suitable for every occasion. For the most part, the suits are smarter than two-piece suits and can be worn to virtually any occasion, from a wedding to a formal summer garden party. The most difficult choice to make is which colour to go for. Different waistcoats can be used for different occasions, so consider what type of occasion you are attending, and then choose the suit accordingly. Dark colours are generally appropriate for work and tuxedo-like attires for weddings. Lighter colours can be worn for weddings and other occasions.

For a beach wedding, a light-weight fabric will be ideal. A navy-blue suit will look striking paired with a white dress shirt. The bride’s gown will probably be white or be navy, so a white suit in this color will make a lovely statement. If you are attending a wedding in the city, you may want to go for a more classic three-piece suit, but there are plenty of other options out there.

Three-piece suits can be mixed and matched, but caution should be exercised when mixing and matching different items. In general, it’s easier to switch one item than two. For instance, you can ditch a waistcoat and replace it with a crisp white shirt and tie. You can also substitute a waistcoat with a knit or a vest instead. You can also choose a three-piece suit if the wedding is on a Sunday.

Traditional or Not?

Whether you choose a traditional three-piece suit or one with a vest, the first choice should be your choice based on your personal preference. There are many variations of the traditional three-piece suit, from a simple tuxedo to a formal evening suit. The choice of material is very personal. It should be suitable for a wedding, but it should not be overly fancy.

Regardless of your style, you should always choose a proper three-piece suit for your wedding. They give off a more formal look than a two-piece suit. A well-fitted suit is best for evening functions, while a navy or grey suit is suitable for daytime functions. A smart dress shirt and a sleek tie should be paired with a three-piece suit. And remember to choose the right colours!


The bride’s outfit should match that of the groom. The suit is the focal point of the ceremony, so the groom must wear something that matches hers. While most people opt for navy and white colors, it is perfectly acceptable to add hints of color in your suit as well. You can even buy a three-piece wedding suit without prints. This will look great and impressive, especially if you are a less conservative man.

While selecting a three-piece wedding suit, you should also consider the style and the material of the suit. You should go for a velvet suit if you are the groom. However, if your budget is very limited, you may opt for other materials, like polyester or rayon. Though this is cheaper, you will have to sacrifice comfort for looks. Unless your budget is so low that you are unable to choose the perfect material, I do not recommend polyester or rayon 3 piece suits.

What to Consider

There are two types of three-piece suits: custom-made and off-the-rack. Generally, custom-made suits are more expensive than off-the-rack suits, but you can find one that fits your body perfectly. If you are willing to spend a little extra, you can try an off-the-rack option, or ask the tailor to alter the fit if you have any trouble with it.

In addition to choosing the right material, you also need to consider the role of each man in your wedding. If you’re the groom, then you’ll want to choose a 3 piece wedding suit that fits that role. If you’re the best man or a guest, then you can wear something a bit more casual and stylish for the occasion. Your friends and family can also wear the same suit, so consider this in your decision-making process.