You are getting married tomorrow. Months of planning, organizing, visualizing, calling, answering, matching are now behind you. Hear this? Behind you.

Today is the day when you pat yourself on the back and give yourself the reward you need.

Tomorrow, you want to feel good, so that you can have enough energy so that you can look good. You’re going to need enough vigor to have fun every step of the way. To achieve this, make today about you.

You know best what works for you, that’s for sure. However, it is easy to do or not do a tiny important thing that could affect your well being on the next day.

The Things You Have Already Done

If your wedding is on a Sunday, pretend it’s on Saturday and get everything done till Friday.

You have already settled everything with the vendors. You don’t need to make any more decisions today. You’ve given the rings to the person in charge, the itinerary lists as well. The list of songs has been decided on. Hair and makeup rehearsal have already happened.

Now you have the entire day to pamper yourself and prepare mentally.

A Few Things to Handle in the Morning

Prepare a bag with all the things you think you might need throughout the day; tissues, some cash, lipstick, a small sewing kit and a safety pin, etc. What are the things that you very often need? If you are prone to headaches, take the pills with you.

Check the dress and shoes. Put them on and walk around your home a bit. Enjoy the reflection in the mirror. Imagine how beautiful tomorrow is going to be at this Houston wedding venue with farm tables. Imagine yourself and your loved one there. Picture all your guests as well. Everybody is in an excellent mood, and everything is going well.

If you wrote your vows, repeat them.

Once you did all this, set it all aside and forget about it till tomorrow.


The Do’s for the Day

An excellent way to begin is a short exercise, a run or a walk. Just to get the blood run through your body. If you are not an exercise person, meditate, or do yoga.

Consider asking someone to handle your phone: your sister, your mother, a friend you trust. Tell them to put only the emergency calls through to you, should there be any.

Think about what you eat today. Choose food which is low on carbs, so you avoid sugar highs. They inevitably lead to a sugar crash. That can make you feel anxious and low energy.

Drink water and keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Have lunch with the person with whom you find it the least challenging to be around. If that’s you, then enjoy a meal in solitude.

A massage or a mani-pedi is always a good idea, so why not today?

Spend the evening in a relaxed manner. Watch a fun movie with your friends, go out for a drink with them.

Go to bed early.

Read a book to relax fully before going to sleep or do another round of meditation.

Go through the schedule of the wedding day in your head. Set the alarm for the morning.

The Don’ts for the Day

Don’t introduce any new routines; this can be stressful. Don’t experiment with beauty products or eat food you have never tried before. Don’t use anything you haven’t been using for at least three months now.

Don’t do a crazy strenuous workout that will give you sore muscles tomorrow.

Don’t think of implementing a new fresh idea for the wedding. What’s done is done. You cannot make flower souvenirs for all your guests by yourself today. Save the design for your 25th wedding anniversary if it will make you feel better.

No screen time in the evening – the blue light coming from the screens delays melatonin release and makes you alert.

Try not to let others make you nervous. Some people do it unconsciously even though they have good intentions. You have no reason to doubt yourself.


This day is all about you being relaxed and not panic about all the possible and impossible scenarios. Whomever you decide to spend this time with, make your goal clear to them:

‘This is my day; I wanna indulge it and be spoiled. I wanna do things I like and find relaxing. Let’s please make this day all about me, and I promise I won’t ask for anything for the next six months, at least.’

Have no boundaries: if a forest is what relaxes you, ask them to take you to a forest. If museums are your kind of place, go to a museum. Go shopping; there are no rules.

You deserve it. It’s a significant project that you brought to an end.

Some things can go wrong, sure. You cannot prevent it by worrying in advance.
But, look at it that way: those same things can make the wedding authentic.

In the end, it cannot be anything but perfect. The love you have for one another is there to keep the things in place.

Author Bio: James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events. When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.