There are many factors to take into account when creating your own personal wedding website. the style of the site has to tie in with the theme of the wedding.

There are so many decisions to take when deciding on the style of the day that you are looking for. WeddingHand like to take the opportunity to guide you through certain elements of the day. This should help you be able to tie in the theme of the day with your own wedding website.


In this section we have listed one of the most obvious visual parts of the day. The wedding car, or wedding transport as it is known pin the industry.

Wedding transport providers can supply many different forms of transport for your wedding day. In the old days it was usually a plush, classic car, to take the bride to the ceremony, and take the bride and groom on to the reception. But now the variety of services on offer are endless. There are cars of all descriptions, from Rolls Royces to novelty cars like Robin Reliants. Many providers also supply vintage buses for your guests to travel from the ceremony to the reception. There are also the likes of vintage VW Campervans, which you can also use to help stage your wedding photographs. ESTIMATED COST Expect to pay around the £500 mark for the wedding car. Although this can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the distance travelled, the type of vehicle and length of time the car is required for. THE INITIAL ENQUIRY AND MEETING Find out whether there are any charges for time or distance. It is also worth checking if older vehicles have mileage limitations. DOES YOUR SUPPLIER HAVE ALL THE OFFICIAL PAPERWORK? Make sure they have all the correct insurance documentation in place before booking.

PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE TO WEDDINGS? Check that the chauffeur will dress appropriately and give you the ‘red carpet’ treatment as you leave the car. Most companies will provide a champagne toast after the ceremony for you in the car. Check that they are kitted out with umbrellas in case it is wet or windy when you arrive at the ceremony. CONFIRMING THE DETAILS Check what is offered within the price. Do they supply the ribbons and bows for the car make sure this is compatible with your chosen theme? Check how many hours you can have the car for, as you may want to incorporate the vehicle in some of the wedding photos. TOP TIPS • Make sure they have a back up vehicle. • Work out how many of the close wedding party will require transport.


TOP TIPS – CONTINUED • Will it just be the bride and groom who require a car from the ceremony to the reception, or do the bridesmaids and groomsmen need transport as well? Worth thinking about if the groomsmen, or bridesmaids have had a few pre-ceremony drinks to settle their nerves earlier in the day. • Take the dress into consideration when booking the car. Some cars might physically not be able to accommodate a large dress. • Check the car is in keeping with the theme of your wedding. WEDDING TRANSPORT – CONTINUED SUPPLIER SUGGESTIONS John Turner ran one of the South West leading wedding car hire companies until his recent retirement and safely escorted over 200 brides and grooms to and from weddings. “For me, the emphasis was always on customer service. They are bound to like the car, that’s why they booked you in the first place, but to go that extra mile (no pun intended), and to treat the bride and groom like royalty on the day is what they will remember the most.” FAQ WHEN BOOKING WEDDING TRANSPORT Ask about the range of cars that are available. Think outside the box; you may want to consider a unique alternative, such as white London taxis with bows and ribbons on.