understands the importance of the visual element of your wedding day. This is why we have created a variety of stunning and eye catching wedding website designs for you to choose from.

We have a number of floral designs for you to tie in with the wedding flowers you choose. This can also be a hint to your guests when sending out the invitation, on the style of wedding you are going for. It is a subtle way of showing your wedding theme, before the day itself, without completely exposing the style itself.


Florists in particular hold a massive part in the visual style of the day. Here is wedding hand’s guide to choosing the perfect florist, to enhance your day.

Everyone knows beautiful flowers can help complement the theme of the day, and can transform and personalise your venue. ESTIMATED COST Usually between £300 upwards depending on season and where the flowers are sourced. Most florists require a deposit between 20% and 50%. THE INITIAL ENQUIRY AND MEETING Look at booking your florist at least six months before the wedding date or earlier if you have you eye on a certain company. Find out what the signature style of the florist is. It really must be compatible with your wedding theme and colour scheme. Your florist should be able to help you and work with you on this. Also try to take an interest in what is fashionable at the moment. See if the florists can inspire you with their imagination. Remember the flowers you choose must be in season at the time of the wedding. Spring and summer weddings will give you the greatest choice of flowers available. Ask to view the florist’s portfolio of previous weddings, to see if their style is compatible with your own ideas.

PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE TO WEDDINGS? Make sure that they have worked at weddings in the past and that they understand about the routine of a wedding day. The florists will have to be up in the very early hours of the morning to be sourcing the fresh flowers from the flower market, so that they can be prepared. CONFIRMING THE DETAILS Find out exactly when the flowers will be delivered to the venue/s. Make sure it fits in with your plans and that the ceremony or reception venue will have someone to let them on to the premises, should it be an early start. Make sure your florists have a full installation service to set the flowers up. This will probably be a safer option than leaving it up to the groomsmen to arrange the flowers! Check if they have any ‘add-ons’, such as delivery fees and if there are options to rent any extras such as vases, stands, candleholders and aisle runners? Find out what additional charges this might occur.


TOP TIPS • Check that their prices are correct to the season that you are booking for, and that the flowers you have in mind will be in stock within this time period. • Remember the bouquet will have to work with your wedding dress, so think of it as almost an accessory. • Any decent florist worth their salt will be able to offer you multiple choices for different options for your wedding, so ask about all their different packages. • Ask the florist if they have any hints and tips on preserving the bouquet during and after the day. • Enquire about local and seasonal flowers, which might significantly reduce the budget. • See if the flowers can be transferred from the ceremony to the reception to reduce the costs. • Check if the florist’s charges include a delivery fee, or if this is excluded from the price. SUPPLIER SUGGESTIONS Hannah Miller, Florist in West London “Many brides have set ideas on what flowers they want for the day. This invariably is to match the colour theme that they have in mind. So when the bridesmaid’s dresses and the flowers are exactly the same colour, the flowers don’t really stand out and it can make for disappointing wedding photos. Flowers should be used to punctuate and complement the colour theme, so try not to get too obsessed with a single colour and keep an open mind.” “Don’t get forced into having a over sized bouquet. This can take all the attention away from your wedding dress. You really want a bouquet that will complement your dress and any accessories. Some of the smallest bouquets are really cute – think quality not quantity. Large bouquets are also rather heavy and can become cumbersome if you have to carry them around for long periods on the day.”

FAQ WHEN BOOKING A FLORIST Get savvy with the terms florists may use, to help you understand what you are looking for. Here is a brief description of terminology you might encounter. BRIDAL BOUQUET: A collection of flowers, arranged together, which can be hand held for the bride to carry down the aisle. BRIDESMAIDS BOUQUETS: The hand held flowers for the bridesmaids to carry down the aisle. BOUTONNIERES: The small flower decoration that the groom and groomsmen may wear, pinned to their suit jacket. CENTERPIECES: The main flower arrangement on the table. SWAGS: The bundle of flowers, often dried flowers, leaves or foliage, which is bound together for decorative purposes. Often seen hung up or placed on a church alter.