If you’re a bride to be and you’re on a budget, you will love this article! We will help you achieve the perfect bridal makeup look all on your own! No reason to book a makeup artist since you can DIY, right girl? Oh, also, if you’re someone who loves to play with makeup and you’re quite good at it (and you feel confident) why not go for it? Save some money and put the makeup artist on hold and have some fun while you’re at it!

Top 9 Steps To Perfect Bridal Makeup

1. Moisturize

Make sure you get a facial the night before your big day! However, only use some high-quality ingredients that you love, and which you’ve previously used. Don’t let your skin breakout no matter what, and make sure you properly and deeply moisturize the day of the wedding!

2. Prime

A primer will keep all of your makeup in place. If you have drier skin you should use a hydrating, nourishing and radiance-boosting primer. If your skin is super oily stick to a matte primer. Apply the product with your fingers and let it sink into every pore before you move onto your next step.

3. Build Up Your Foundation

Foundation-wise, it is always better to start off slow and build as you go. We recommend using a medium-coverage foundation and adding 2-3 layers (if needed). Every bride is different, and you should use the coverage level that suits your personal preference. Apply your foundation with either a brush or a damp sponge.

4. Set It In Place

Set your entire face (and especially your T-zone) in place with loose setting powder! Use a round fluffy brush and place the product evenly all over the skin. Once set and matte, bring back some dimension and color with either a blush, a bronzer, or a highlight! This choice is entirely up to you!

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5. Soft Brows Will Do The Trick

A bride should never have thick, dark and heavy brows. What we recommend is using a soft brow powder (like an eyeshadow) and a clear brow gel which will set all of your brow hairs in place. Use a small angled brush and fill up the brows by doing upward pressing and filing motions. Use a brow powder which is one shade lighter than your hair color.

6. Get Lash Extensions

If you’re a delicate and gentle soul, and you feel like you might shed a tear (or an entire ocean) make sure you get a set of lash extensions! Lash extensions are a must-have makeup addition since they will ensure longevity. They can survive tears, sweat, as well as heavy wind & rain, and they won’t smear! Which we can’t say about your mascara or glue-on lashes! You will love your new lash extensions they can last for three weeks (perfect for the Honeymoon!

7. Do Nude Shadows

Nude eyeshadows are always a bulletproof solution. Brides love them since these are soft, easy to apply, and you can’t mess anything up! Go for a dark brown in the crease, and let it slowly fade and transition on top of your eyelid. A lighter brown on the center and a pop of gold or shimmer in the inner corner will look subtle, yet romantic!

8. Go For A Matte Lipstick

Before you two go in for that big kiss, make sure you are well-equipped. The best way to do so? With a nude matte lipstick. This one won’t smear off, smudge, or transfer onto your hubby-to-be! Also, outline your lips with a nude-colored lip pencil that is one shade darker than your chosen lipstick, you will love the combo!

9. Set It In Place x 2

Lastly, it is time to set your makeup in place (again). Only this time, you will do so with a setting spray. This makeup item will make everything seamless, and your face won’t look too powdery or matte. Use a dewy setting spray if you are super dry, or a matte spray if your face is super oily. Spritz it 4-5 times and you’ll be ready for your big day!