For anyone out there considering booking live music for your wedding, here are some great tips from

Live Musicians;


Apparently 81% of guests say they remember the live music the most during their wedding, so the importance of booking high standard musician should not be overlooked.


Wedding musicians are increasing growing in demand since the popularity of festival chic weddings where couples are wanting to put their own stamp on their wedding day.


In the past, a ‘swing band’ or a ‘ Sinatra style’ tribute bands were once the norm, however these days’ couples are looking for more modern types of music to entertain guests.



Estimated cost?


Between £400 and £2000 depending on number of muscians, length of time they play and specific songs they may have to learn for the day.


70% of brides wished that they had allocated more of their budget for live music on their wedding day, so don’t be afraid to stretch that bit further as it will probably be worth it with the right musicians.



The Initial Enquiry And Meeting?


Most quality bands and musicians will have an enquiry form on their website to fill in. Try to provide as much information as possible. The venue address, the date and any preference on packages offered.


If the band has a live performance at a public function, this is a great opportunity for you to see them perform before hand.



Has your Supplier Got All The Official Paperwork?


Most venues require both public liability certificates and PAT test certificates from musicians. The venues own insurance may be invalidated should they not produce these beforehand. So ask to see a copy of the bands insurance documents first.



Professional Attitude To Weddings?


Rolling up to the venue, half cut while swigging a bottle of Jack Daniels might be the norm for some bands. So check the band you are booking are familiar with the etiquette of playing at weddings. You should trust that the musicians are punctual, reliable, polite and dress appropriately.


Confirming The Details


Always confirm the booking with a confirmation contract. This should state the length of times you and the musicians have agreed to play for. Also the price and when this is to be paid.




Top Tips

  • Check with the venue that they can facilitate live music. Most venues are fine with it, however some have restriction in place, such as noise meters at noise-restricted venues. So check how loud the band you are booking will be.


  • Look for bands that have D.J packages rolled in for a saving.



  • Consider live music during your drinks reception, it will work great as an ice breaker after the formalities of the wedding.



  • Find out what electrical requirements the musicians may need. Will this be compatible with where you would like them to be positioned in the room?


  • When deciding on the area you would prefer the band to play, think about your seating plan. It might be wise to take into consideration more senior guests, so they are not sat too near the speakers should the band be rather loud.




Suppliers Suggestions


Dominic from Rock My Reception:

Rock My Reception, an acoustic duo who have played live wedding music all across the U.K and Europe. They won the Best Wedding Supplier- Newcomer Award at the 2014 Wedding Industry awards and have been featured on Sky T.Vs ‘4 Weddings’.

Rock My Reception play an average of 60 weddings a year.


Dominic’s hints and tips when booking a band or live music act…


“Always check the musicians you are hiring have public liability certificates and PAT test certificates, most venues require a copy of these before they will allow them to perform.


Check that the band is familiar with entertaining at weddings. Look for performers that are familiar with the etiquette of playing at weddings. It is a completely different scenario to turning up to a pub gig full of your drunken mates.”

Rock My Reception live wedding band 

F.A.Q when booking live musicians


  • Does the band require a deposit and how is this best to be paid?


  • Check on their set times. Many bands have strict set times, so check before booking them what they can offer and if it is suitable for you.


  • If you require the band to play beyond mid-night check if they have any extra charges for this.