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You can constantly update any information you need for your day. Why not get your guests involved and gradually leak information onto your site about what wedding suppliers you have booked for your big day?

If you are still looking for suppliers, the wedding hand blog is here to help you choose the right supplier for your big day. In todays blog we look at wedding D.Js and give some advise before you book…


The wedding DJ is usually just for the last part of the evening, after the meal when your guests are ready to dance. However, you may also want to consider them taking care of the music during other parts of the day. ESTIMATED COST From £300 upwards. THE INITIAL ENQUIRY AND MEETING It is always worth shopping around for the right wedding DJ. They will make or break the evening reception. There are also many old fashioned wedding DJs who love the sound of their own voice and are still stuck in the 1980s, content with playing the ‘The Birdie Song’, and ‘Agadoo’. Fortunately times are moving on and there are a new breed of wedding DJs who will know what style you are looking for. This will be apparent when you meet them, more than with any other supplier and you will soon suss out which DJs are appropriate for you. DOES YOUR SUPPLIER HAVE ALL THE OFFICIAL PAPERWORK? Make sure your DJ has all the correct public liability certificates and PAT test certificates, as most venues will need to see copies of these before they will let them set up.


PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE TO WEDDINGS? Check that they are accustomed to weddings. If they are only used to playing a DJ set down the local pub, then approach with caution as weddings are a completely different ball game. CONFIRMING THE DETAILS Ask for a confirmation contract and expect to pay a 20% deposit. It is usually a good idea to pay before the date, as opposed to counting cash out late on the night of the wedding, when you have had a few drinks. TOP TIPS • Ask if they are happy taking requests from guests? • Check they have the right attire, including when they are setting the gear up. • Ask if there is a charge for playing later should you want to extend your evening reception. • Ask if they take a break and what will this be covered by. • Give your DJ a play list of the genres of music you would like playing at your wedding. • If it is current music you are looking for, casually ask them who is number 1 in the charts at the moment to test their knowledge. • Make sure you give them a ‘PLEASE AVOID PLAYING’ playlist with the Birdie Song on.


SUPPLIER SUGGESTIONS Terry Lewis is one of the UK’s leading wedding DJs. Winner at The Wedding Industry Awards, Terry comes highly recommended by previous brides, grooms and wedding industry insiders. Terry says… “I often get asked ‘What type of music do I play to make sure everybody has fun and the floor is full?’ and my answer is always the same. – It depends on the music you and your guests love to enjoy because it’s your big party, not mine and I want to deliver an atmosphere that you and your friends and family will love – It really is all about you.” FAQ WHEN BOOKING A WEDDING DJ • How many weddings do they play at a year? • Will the DJ be able to make simple announcements without embarrassing himself such as – “the buffet is being served”. Some DJs struggle with this task and instantly turn into Tony Blackburn. • Ask what makes them different from their competitors. • Check their equipement is compatible with the electrical limitation of the venue, especially if the location is an outside event or marquee, with possible power limitations. • Ask if they have lighting. This is one of the most overlooked aspects and without lighting equipment a room can feel flat. Lights create an atmosphere just as much as the music, so check they have lighting that is appropriate for the size of the wedding venue.