Here is blog from WeddingHand about the shift in types of wedding in recent years….

After working in the wedding industry for over a decade and  launching and running the WeddingHand wedding website I have constantly had to monitor various wedding fashions, in-line to see with what we need to offer our website users. There is such a varying degree of weddings now. I remember when I was growing up and that famous wedding which took place in the 1980s… not Charles and Diana!….Scott and Charlene! Yes that’s right, a defining moment on T.V which set the wedding blue print in many of our unconscious minds for our default wedding planning. Many a girl of the late 80s probably went to bed after watching that episode of ‘Neighbours’ and imagine themselves getting married in the same dress Charlene wore on her wedding day! If you look back at any of your friends wedding photos who were married up until the millennium, most brides and grooms had shades of ‘Scot and Charlene Chic’ to their wedding. It was just the way things were done. The groom would be cleanly shaven, wear a crisp white shirt, conservative looking suit and the bride would be in white and have the traditional veil. 99% of my friends’ wedding pictures up until very modern times looked like this.

However recently there has been a real shift in weddings trends. Now it is completely acceptable for the groom to have stubble and for brides to ditch the traditional white dress. I worked at a wedding recently where the groom wore jeans, shirt, waste coat complete with waste coat watch and a vintage jacket that wouldn’t have looked out of place at the local grouse shooting contest. Needless to say he looked the dogs bollocks! In asking him to explain his choice in attire he replied “I work in bank 5 days a week and have to wear a suit, no way would I be wearing one on my day off!” and who can argue with that, this is the perfect demonstration of how people are doing their big day…their way!

Nowadays a set question when any good wedding planner worth their salt will ask is…..’Have you a theme for the day?’ No longer are wedding couples happy to have two colours to style the day, they want a style to run constantly through the day. From the car that will bring them to the ceremony to the band that will play the final dance of the night. Could you imagine a ‘Back To The Future’ style Delorean picking your parents up from the ceremony…O.K so the film probably hadn’t been wrote or become a cult classic back then, but you get my point! And if you had anything other than a harpist for the ceremony and a swing band for the night you were been seriously left field!

Thats why when we designed the Wedding Hand website we did this with the modern wedding couple in mind. To incorporate all the styles that go hand in hand with the modern wedding…….vintage, shabby cic, retro, antique, rustic, whimsical, oriental, farmhouse, festival chic etc etc.

So enjoy looking through our templates and as we say on our Wedding Hand homepage… I am sure your will find a style as unique as your wedding!

Scott and Carlene circa 1989


25 years after the Neighbours wedding…how the times have changed!

25 years after the Neighbours wedding…how the times have changed!