Seen as this is the first WeddingHand blog I will take this opportunity to welcome you to the Wedding Hand website! I am sure you will find the site exciting, fun and overall really useful when planning your wedding!

We have designed the site that it easy to use, so that you won’t get bogged down in any technical terminology and jargon as the emphasis really is on you as the user enjoying the experience of sharing your wedding details with your friends. We also wanted to build a site that was eye catching for every style of wedding theme there is in the modern day. This meant we have around 100 different designs to choose from, so you will defiantly find a website template that will match to your taste and the theme of your wedding. There are also loads of easy to use exciting features on the website, including your very own Wedding Hand ‘home’ page, where you can add up to three photos or images of yourself, these across your homepage on a slider, a little more of a WOW factor than your standard Facebook profile picture!

Your Wedding Hand website will also have its own ‘welcome’ section. Here you can introduce yourself to all your invited guests,  let them know a little about yourself and the wedding day. You might want to mention where you got engaged, how you met and who ‘popped the question’!

The main aim of the site as well as been tastefully designed, was enabling you to be able to upload all the relevant information for the day. Most wedding couples have a constant flow of emails, text messages, phone calls etc from guests asking the same old questions over and over again…. and rightly so, people do need to know the practical side of the day, from the time of the ceremony, to whether or not there is parking outside the church! Here we have made you your own ‘Itinary’ section, where you can put any of that miscellaneous information on for guests and add a timetable for the general running of the day.


When you are uploading all the information for your wedding, you will be asked to include the and add the relevant address for your wedding, i.e. the ceremony and reception address, this is automatically linked to google maps and will bring up a map of the location an your website. Here guests can see exactly where it is so they will have no problems locating the venue/s on the day. The site then immediately links to pick out all the hotels that nearest to the reception venue, all of these have the ‘trip adviser’ star ratings. You can also write any additional information on the site, such as which hotels you recommend etc.

When we designed the site, we wanted to cater for all the important aspects of the day, so we designed a easy to use ‘Food Menu’ section. Here you can inform all guests on the food choices for the day.

At the bottom of your website is the RSVP section, where your wedding guests can RSVP to their wedding invitation.Here you can add all of your guests email addresses, and email them your very own website address, i.e. jackandjill/ you can then include the password so that only your guests can access the site.

The final section of the site is the ‘Gift List’ section. We have made this as user friendly as possible so even the least computer literate technophobes can use it. Simply write the gift name in the first box, the shop it bought from in the second box and the copy and paste the link in to the third box. When your guests come to buy you a gift, they can see which gift they would like to purchase and follow the link to make the purchase. It really couldn’t be easier. When they have bought the gift they can press the ‘Gift Purchased’ button, alerting you and other guests that this gift has been bought. You will also receive a notification which guest has purchased which gift.

We have made the Wedding Hand website as inclusive as possible for every taste and also every type of modern day marriage. That’s why is the only wedding website which caters for same sex and opposite sex couples alike. The site has no specific fields to fill in for ‘The Bride’ or ‘The Groom’ which means everyone can enjoy the experience regardless off preference of gender.

I hope you enjoy using the site and I am sure you will find it beneficial to your wedding.

All the best from the Wedding Hand team!