Here is wedding hand guide to wedding to choosing the right wedding photographer.

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The Photographer;

The photographer is one of the most important suppliers that you will book for your wedding day. They will also be with for all he land mark moments of the day. From the early stages before the ceremony, through to the first dance.

They may also be present during the morning hair and make up session for the bride. So make sure you are happy with their presence and feel comfortable with them in your company.

It is also hugely important that you like their style and you need to consider whether you are willing to let them take charge during the day with yourself, plus friends and family.


Estimated cost?

Expect to pay anywhere between £1000 and £20000 depending on what added extras you go for. Such as albums or disc images and pre wedding shots.

The Initial Enquiry And Meeting?


An important question to ask your wedding photographer when you first make an enquiry is, can they describe their style? Then question if this will match the ideas or theme you have in mind for your wedding.


Find out about previous weddings that they have shot and if you can see some of their photos. They may have even worked at the venue before, so pick their brain on any ideas they think might work.


A great idea so to have a pre wedding, engagement shoot done. This will give you chance to build up a relationship with your photographer, plus check out their work. It works as a great pre runner to the wedding, so you can see a glimpse of what they can offer for your wedding day.

Professional Attitude To Weddings?

One of the most important factors when booking a wedding photographer is that they have excellent personal skills. They will be with you for the majority of the day so it is important that you and your guests will feel comfortable with them around. They will also be expected to ‘round up’ all your friends and family, who they have never met before and ask them to come forward for different pictures, at certain parts of the day. So they will need to be assertive in a friendly way.


Confirming The Details

Find out what their turn around times are, so you know how long it will take them to complete the photos. Times may vary depending on whether they are shooting on film or digital.

Top Tips

· Make sure you get a confirmation contract

· Double check they have back up equipment

· Find out what format you will receive the pictures on, downloads, CD, USB stick or prints.


Suppliers Suggestions

James Tracey Wedding Photography:

James is one of the North Wests leading wedding photographers and has photographed weddings all over the world including Ibiza, Italy and Las Vegas.


“I believe you should spend your wedding with your friends and family and love every single minute of the day. I got married in 2012 and I know how quickly the day goes by and how amazing it is. What you don’t need is a bossy photographer dragging you away from your friends and family to then have you stood around for hours taking posed formal photos.”


F.A.Q when booking a wedding photographer

· Find out if they will be bringing an assistant on the day. Many photographers have ‘second shooter’ who helps with alternative shots and also any lighting issues.

· Check if it will be them who will be doing their editing. Also if they can re touch any image if necassary.

· Ask if there is any surcharge should your wedding over run.