Choosing the right suppliers can be trickier than it may first seem. You have got off to a flying start by choosing to make your wedding website 😉


Choosing the correct suppliers for your wedding can be a little trickier than it first may seem. Over the run up to the wedding, you will inevitably build a relationship with your suppliers. Whether personally, or by email, you will be updating them and informing them on what role you want them to take on the day. Hiring the right supplier is more than just a simple business transaction. You must be able trust each other and also feel comfortable in their company. As they will most possibly, be literally working around you during the wedding day. Sourcing the right suppliers can be easier said than done. Many in demand suppliers can be booked up 18 months in advance, so start thinking about it as earlier as possible. Word of mouth is inevitably best way of sourcing suppliers, knowing that they are tried and tested. Also reviews, chat forums and wedding guides are good places for sounding out people’s opinions.
A great place to look out for suppliers is ‘The Wedding Industry Awards’. Many top rated suppliers have being nominated for awards in the past and often have the little pink badge on their company website. It is like the kite mark standard within the wedding industry, so you should be able to book them in good faith. When deciding on which supplier to book, always check the suppliers are familiar with the ‘world of weddings’ and that they work at weddings on a regular basis. When committing to book, check if they need a deposit and when the balance has to be paid. Also make sure they have offered you a confirmation contract to sign. Not only does this mean that you are confident that you have secured the booking, but also that the supplier is legit and accustomed to dealing with wedding customers. There are many different forms of wedding suppliers, from Lucky Chimney Sweeps to Photographers. It is a broad spectrum and completely down to your personal preference which types of suppliers you choose to book. We have chosen the 10 most common wedding suppliers, with a quick summary of what their role is during a wedding. We have also listed what the estimated costs are for each supplier could be and what to look out and ask for. There are also hints and tips from a supplier’s perspective, to help you get the best out of them.