In todays blog post we are keeping with the theme of the visual style of the wedding. This is represented through the wedding website you choose, to the wedding flowers and the is no bigger visual representation of your theme than your wedding dress.


Most brides will have dreamt about their wedding dress from an early age. It is likely to be a pinnacle moment in their life when deciding on their choice of attire. ESTIMATED COST The wedding dress average is £1500, but you can tailor this to meet your budget and style requirements, making it anything from £500 up to £5000 and beyond. THE INITIAL ENQUIRY AND MEETING If you go to an official wedding dress supplier, it usually takes about 5-6 months to make, as each one is made for the individual. Try to make at least a one-hour appointment when you first select your wedding dress. These appointments usually have to be made in advance. So try and book as early as possible. It is important to keep your budget in mind and try your hardest to stick with it. You will probably have an idea in mind for your wedding dress, but keep an open mind. Check out a variety of different styles and pick a style that will match the theme of your day. Find out about current wedding dress trends and decide on a fashionable style, a unique style or a classic wedding dress look.


DOES YOUR SUPPLIER HAVE ALL THE OFFICIAL PAPERWORK When buying a wedding dress check that your wedding insurance covers any unexpected hiccups. If not, take out a designated wedding dress insurance policy. PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE TO WEDDINGS? Most bridal retailers will have their own premises where you can book in and discuss your options for the day. They should be friendly and willing to help at all cost; with the dress being such an integral part of the day. CONFIRMING THE DETAILS Find out the initial cost of the dress and see what is included within the price. There will most likely be alterations needed, so make sure you know what is included within the original price.

TOP TIPS • Ask if they have any sample dresses. This is where you can try a dress on in your nearest dress size and then your individual measurements are taken from the sample dress. • Sometimes the dressmakers might sell the sample dress, so if you think it’s a perfect fit there may be a bargain to be had. • Try as many dresses on a possible when you go for your first meeting, as something can look totally different on a photo than it can be when you are actually wearing it. • Keep an open mind; you might surprise yourself with dress, which you had never envisaged yourself in before. FAQ WHEN CHOOSING YOUR WEDDING DRESS SUPPLIER Ask about recommended storage, so that it will look pristine on the wedding day without being creased. Try and get the dress cleaned as soon after the wedding as possible. Wedding dresses can often gather an unexpected amount of particles throughout your wedding day, especially if you are having an outside photo-shoot on the day.